SBCAMFT Board of Directors

Why join the board? Are you wanting to make a difference in the local community? Are you looking for a meaningful way to connect with other therapists? Perhaps you are wanting to grow your connections as you build your private practice? Joining the board is a great way to make an impact, be inspired and find community. 

SBCAMFT board meetings are held monthly on zoom and board members are asked to be present at two of the four quarterly CE events. Most terms are one year, while others (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) hold longer commitments.

Interested in applying? Find a list of available positions below. Email your resume and cover letter to Shelby Swanson and fill out our board application form here.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Claire Blakey, LMFT, PMH-C


Amanda Low, AMFT

Membership Director

Riley Ellis, LMFT

CEPA Director

Jacqueline (Jax) Robinson, LMFT

Pre-Licensing Director

Josh Manney, LMFT

Vice President 

Shelby Swanson, LMFT


Kattie Bachar, LMFT

Communications Director

Kady Fleckenstein, AMFT

Social Media Director

Karla-Julia Ramos, AMFT

Community Events Director

Vanessa Chin, AMFT

Past President

Kristi Miller, LMFT

Sponsorship Director

Jack May, LMFT

CEU Events Director

Alexandra (Alex) Goodman, AMFT

Diversity Director

Jonathan Thompson II, LMFT, LPCC

Community Engagement Director

Megan Attore, AMFT

Mailing Address:

Santa Barbara Chapter of CAMFT
PO Box 91608
Santa Barbara, CA  93190-1608

Available SBCAMFT Board of Directors Positions

2023 and currently available positions:

President Elect

The President Elect role is an Executive Leadership position with the SBCAMFT board. This is a two year term that supports the President of the Board and is used to prepare them to serve as future President (two year term) and Past President (two year term).

Qualities that are important for the President Elect to possess: self starter, team collaborator, excellent/timely communication and organizational skills, innovator and someone who loves networking and public speaking. 

Key responsibilities: support the President through monthly meetings, attend and co-lead board meetings, be an active presence at SBCAMFT events, intentionally network and grow board positions by interviewing and training new board members. Oversees and supports subcommittees.

Director of CEU Events

The CE Events Directors role through SBCAMFT is a core role with the association. This two year term is an essential component to the leadership team and works in close communication and support to the President and Vice President.

This role is perfect for someone who loves community engagement, networking, is comfortable public speaking/MCing and wants to be a public voice and role in SBCAMFT.   

Key Responsibilities: CE Events Director is responsible for coordinating, hosting and MC’ing the four CE quarterly luncheons - this includes outreach to potential speakers, organization in collecting proposals and presenting them to the board, alongside coordinating our annual L&E CE event in the fall.

Director of Membership

This position is largely administrative and requires great people skills - helping our membership navigate the SBCAMFT membership application and process, supporting membership maintenance and enabling membership access to our e-tree server. The position requires an average of about 10 hours per month and is a great way to develop connections through the SBCAMFT community!

Key Responsibilities: Managing our online membership database in Wild Apricot. Adding/removing members from our e-tree database. Emailing with our membership regarding membership issues. Being a liaison with other board members and Finance officer. Sharing updates about membership numbers at board meetings. Interfacing with membership and communicating their needs to the board. Networking with members at SBCAMFT events and generating ideas to highlight member updates (newly licensed, celebrations, awards, etc.).

Apply Now!

Interested in applying? Find a list of available positions below. Email your resume and cover letter to Shelby Swanson and fill out our board application form here.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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